Nursing WCC - Wound Care Certification Exam Study Guide

The wound care certification examination managed and administered by national alliance of wound care. The wound care certification allows you to help to improve the quality of wound care for the patients and join a multidisciplinary network of wound specialists.

Format for WCC - Wound Care Certification Exam

The wound care certification examination is taken both in computer based and paper pencil format. Within a time period of two hours the candidates are required to attempt 110 questions. Generally the examiners try to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the candidate regarding the various types of wound and their treatment. The candidates are also evaluated over their Physiological abilities in order to see how they handle the patients and support their families. The subject areas covered in this examination include the following topics

  • Normal Skin, Wounds, and the Wound Healing Process
  • Data Collection
  • Systems Review and Head to Toe Visual Exams
  • Patients Nutritional Status
  • Wound Description
  • Wound Etiology
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Wound Healing and Monitoring
  • nterdisciplinary Wound Treatment and Prevention
  • Legal, Ethics, and Policy
  • Wound Care Education and Training

Study Guide and Preparation for WCC - Wound Care Certification Exam

WCC - Wound Care Certification Exam Study Guide

Since this examination covers a wide array of subject areas. For better preparation you can take the help of Wound care certification study guide. Through this study guide you can know the exact format of the examination and also the examination content and the types of questions asked in the recent years. Beside that its your hard work and learning skills thats gonna help your in the examination.

WCC Study Guide