Armed Services Exams

If you are serious about joining armed forces get ready for clearing exams like Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) or Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Test (AFQT). Read more about exams:


Armed Forces Qualification Exams

For Navy, Air Force, Army & Marines

Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Test

A complete exam sample and exam guide section available for you to read and start preparing for the exam.

Armed Services Exam Help

Multiple Choice

Your final Armed Forces Qualifying Test(AFQT) will comprise of your individual score in four essential areas namely -- Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge. This final AFQT score will determine whether or not you're qualified to join the Armed services. All the above mentioned sections generally account in multiple choice questions.

Comprehension Reading

Reading comprehension has been mentioned as one of the critical areas in your AFQT exam before also. Once you start preparing for reading comprehension it is important that you go through a lot of exam samples and practice exams.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests analyze whether or not you possess the ability to learn different subjects. It has nothing to do with what you have already learned or memorized. They are kind of quick reasoning.

Study Guides and Courses

ASVAB Study Guide: The Armed Forces Vocation Aptitude test is used to determine if you qualify for a specific branch of the Armed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines).