Nursing Exam Study Guide

Nursing is amongst the few very popular careers in today's time both male and females have a wonderful opportunity of excelling in this career

Just as most colleges and universities require an entrance exam, nursing schools have started making the move toward entrance exam requirements.  The most popular are the Nursing Entrance Test and the Test of essential academic skills, but many schools also use the Practical and vocational training system and the Registered Nursing Entrance exam.  Regardless of which exam is being used, there are general study techniques that you can use to improve your scores.

Nursing entrance exams are like other entrance exams.  They measure what you know and what you have learned to determine how likely you are to succeed in a nursing program.  Because of what they measure, nursing entrance exams are much like content driven exams.  Typically, the areas measured include maths, science, reading comprehension, and vocabulary and grammar.