Certified Professional Photographer Examination CPP Test Preparation Study Guide

The CPP is administered by the Professional Photographic Certification Commission.

Format Of The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) Exam:

The CPP exam is offered in the written format. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions based on the following content areas:
Select the appropriate camera for subject matter and output requirements.
Select the appropriate lens based upon size and distance of subject matter as well as desired perspective.
Use camera, camera menu settings, and camera supports to create a quality image.
Select and use the appropriate lens attachment
Determine the best colour relationship to complement subject(s) to achieve the desired effects.
Analyse the environment to complement subject(s) to achieve the desired effects.
Frame or crop the picture within the cameras viewfinder.
Use angle of view to produce the desired effect (mood, power, size, strength, etc).
Position and pose subject(s) with selected background, special effects, and props to achieve the desired effect.
Determine best color space in which to work.
Select appropriate file format.
Create/employ a color management system.
Select appropriate file management and archival systems.
Manipulate digital images
Employ a light meter properly to achieve desired exposures.
Set f/stops and shutter speed based upon exposure and desired effects.
Verify proper exposure.
Considering lighting conditions, select the type of film based upon the final product needed (e.g. black and white, color, transparency, etc.) and desired result.
Select the appropriate capture media for subject matter, format requirements, and final job requirements.
Identify and correct problems in images.
Output/Print image to desired medium.
Evaluate the source(s) of light at the location where subject(s) will be photographed to determine the tools necessary to complete the assignment.
Determine the lighting ratio.
Understand light modifiers (gobos, gels, spots, flags, etc.) and their uses.
Determine the type of lighting design (Rembrandt, split, broad, short, etc.) to be used with the given subject(s).
Determine the appropriate lighting usage (main, fill, etc) for subject(s).
Understand the theory of light.
Select the appropriate filter for color correction of the light source.
Use lighting techniques as composition and design elements.

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CPP - Certified Professional Photographer Exam Study Guide

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CPP Study Guide

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