Tips and Strategies to Help You Score High on any Multiple Choice Exam

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15 Strategic Study Lessons for answering multiple choice questions on ANY exam.

Practice questions accompanying each strategy, describing it, bringing out secrets and pitfalls

Detailed answer key that explains all practice questions

More than 100 pages of Multiple Choice strategies, tips, secrets, all fully explained with practice questions.

Strategic, Simple and easy explanations

Multiple Choice Secrets help you learn:

How to Prepare for a Multiple Choice Exam its important to value time and prepare properly without wasting any of it.

Who excels in multiple choice exam and who doesn't - and how to make sure you give your best shot.

Handling trick questions Its just 1 or 2 trick questions that separate really good students from the rest - tips and strategies that help you take care of these special questions.

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Sample Multiple Choice Strategy b

This best way to increase your mark is study thorough and know your stuff.

How does this book work and how is it helpful?

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Bonus #1 - Test Taking Tips

Things to do the day before the test All about the things you absolutely must do the day before the test and the ones you must keep at bay. Learn how to prepare yourself for the exam mentally, emotionally and physically.

What to do in the test room. The time between the time "You may begin," and before you start writing is short but crucial. Learn how to increase your score in this time span.

Bonus #2 - Tips to Handle Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety is one of the top factors that contribute to poor results. It is a very common problem, and the best part is that Test Anxiety has a easy solution.

Anxiety and Procrastination connection -Did you know that test anxiety is often related to procrastination? Learn how and what to do about it in this special bonus chapter

 How to answer multiple choice

 How to answer multiple choice