TExES Superintendent Exam Study Guide

State board for Educators Certification is the premium board which gives credential to the future superintendents. TExES is an agency which manages the entire process of certification Texas Examination of Educators Standards looks after the entry level educators who are intensely looking forward to get the certification from the TExES board. The process of getting the certification is simple and easy. Candidate has to fulfill the eligibility criteria listed by the board. This will be followed by the TExES Superintendent Exam. It is essential to pass the exam to get the certification.

Eligibility for TExES Superintendent Exam

To appear for TExES Superintendent Exam, candidate should fulfill the eligibility criteria listed by the board. Firstly, candidate should be a certificate degree holder. Secondly, candidate should hold AGCA teaching certificate. This teaching certificate is duly processed by SBEC, the parent board. Rest candidate should also have working experience. The exact measure will be specified by the board, at the time of filling the application form.

Format of TExES Superintendent Exam

TExES Superintendent Exam is the test of core values of managing the administrating and management cycles in the organization. Therefore candidate should study the curriculum of the exam thoroughly. Topics included in TExES Superintendent Exam are leading the community of educators, leading in instructional context, leading in administering context. These headings cover the entire question paper in the form of multiple choice questions. Hence candidate should prepare in the objective manner. This exam includes 100 questions, out of which 80 questions are the scored questions. An applicant should attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking for the incorrect answer. The marking is done on the scale of 300, out of which 240 is the minimum marks to get the certification.

Scope of TExES Superintendent Exam

Passing TExES Superintendent Exam is compulsory for getting the certification. Therefore candidate should keep in mind that he studies the entire syllabus of the exam. Since TExES agency provides certification for the entry level educators, therefore it includes core functionaries and fundamentals of administration and management in the exam.

Study Guide And Test Preparation For TExES Superintendent Exam

TExES Superintendent Exam Study Guide

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TExES Superintendent Exam Study Guide