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SAT is a centralized exam which helps you for college admissions in United States. SAT is owned by College board in United States. College board is primarily a non profit organization and formerly developed, published as Educational Testing Services. Possible range of scores in SAT Exams can be from 600 to 2400 out of three exams.

Each section in SAT Exams is of 800 points

Format of SAT Exam

SectionAverage Score Time (Minutes)Content
Writing 493 60 Grammar, usage, and diction
Mathematics 515 70 Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability, and data analysis
Critical Reading 501 70 Critical reading and sentence-level reading

Expect in SAT Exam

Critical Reading

Two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section

Questions Type include sentence completions and questions about short and long reading passages.


Mathematics section generally known as quatative section or calculation section

First section is a 25-minute section and entirely multiple choice, with 20 questions

The other 25-minute section contains 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in questions. There is no penalty for incorrect answers

The 20-minute section is all multiple choice, with 16 questions.

SAT exam has generally been into quantitative comparison questions on the math section while a few topics like Algebra II and scatter plots has been added.


The multiple choice questions include

Error identification questions
Sentence improvement questions
Paragraph improvement questions

There is an essay section as well which is for 25 minutes.Check for SAT Study guides for more indepth preparation

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SAT Exam Study Guide

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SAT Study Guide

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