Graduate Entrance Standardized Tests- Practice Exams - Study Guides

Graduate entrance exams are one of the challenges presented to students to qualify for graduate and professional school enrolment. A high test score may be the only difference between your acceptance or non-acceptance into graduate school. If you are unable to enrol in a graduate preparation course, then here a few steps you can take to help you pass the graduate entrance exam with high scores.

Start with the hard stuff.

Often students avoid the hard stuff. But, if you want to ace the exam, you really must do just the opposite. The hard stuff may contain several relevant points and they can dearly cost you needed points in the entrance exams. So begin studying and mastering the areas you find most challenging. When you are done with these areas, you can move on to the study material that you find easier.

Prepare for unfamiliar material

For The LSAT:

Try to get familiar with the study material by preparing visual charts and diagrams to help you learn and memorize information. These visuals aids can help you quickly gain a better grasp of the basics, and help you more easily recall the information during the entrance exam.

For The GRE:

The GRE test assesses the verbal, maths, and analytical skills of graduate school applicants. Most students face problems with the maths section. Basically, the maths questions on the GRE exam is at 7th, 8th and 9th grade levels, so students can simply refer to text books for the study material.

Time management

Another thing that requires focus when preparing for the Graduate Entrance Exam is the time, especially when you are preparing for the LSAT. It is very time sensitive. Have a clock by your side and find out which section of the sample exam questions consumes more of your time. Be sure that your answers are accurate, as incorrect answers will increase your negative marking in the GRE.

Finally, Relax

“Burning the midnight oil” and studying throughout the nigh is considered good at time, but not on the last night before the exam. On the night before the exam, get a good nights sleep. This will relax your mind and body and you will enter the exam with a fresh mind, making it easier to recall information and get a better score overall.

Purchase of Study Material

There are a number of study books available at the book stores. Try not to confuse yourself purchasing too many versions of study materials. One of the best alternatives is to look for a previous years exam sample questions, and practice mastering the answers to those questions.