Dietician - Study Guide Test Preparation

To become a dietician entails years of study and training. Dieticians can study for a bachelors degree in the subject or possess relevant experience. They are required to take a certification exam before they can practice.

In most states, the Commission on Dietetic Registration (DTR) offers two certification exams: the Registered Dietician (RD) and the Dietetic Technician Registered (DTR). Generally speaking, both qualifications require that candidates have accumulated a certain number of hours of practical experience, often through an intern-ship.

Dietician Topics

The following are the topics for exam content of a dieticians:

Food and Nutrition Sciences
Counselling, Education and Training
Nutrition Care Process and Model
Food service Systems
Simple Conditions

The certification exam covers all the topics above.

Dietician Exam Study Guide

A good dietician exam study guide is a good investment to ensure your pass to the career of your dreams. Because the exam covers a broad range of topics, a well-structured revision plan is needed to prepare and address any gaps in your knowledge before the big day comes. A dietician exam study guide uses practice exam questions to test your knowledge, allowing you to monitor your progress and devote time to strengthening your weak areas.

After all of the time and expense spent training to become a qualified dietician, a study test guide will help you ensure that it does not go to waste and that you give yourself the best possible chance of passing on the first take.