Undergraduate Test - Study Guide

Getting an entrance to a college may require you to go through some examination that will allow you gain eligibility for getting an admission in a particular university. A brief review of undergraduate tests is as mentioned under.

Accuplacer Test

Accuplacer test is given to some spectacular students to help colleges and universities have their suitable placement. It is basically an on-line multiple choice question examination consisting of three sections including reading comprehension, sentence skills, and maths. Some colleges may even ask students to write essays.

ACT Test

The ACT exam tests the knowledge base of the high school students who are planning to get admission into some college. The ACT exam tests the students knowledge over subjects of Maths, English, reading and science


This is mostly used by the technical colleges and often as a diagnostic tool that helps colleges identify the students strengths and weakness and to see the programs where students can fit themselves the best.


This test measures the knowledge of the student about a particular subject also and checks the efficiency of particular college or institution at educating its students.


The College Level Academic Skills Test, or CLAST, is organized thrice a year and the students need to have a two year graduation enrollment to sit for this test. There are four sections -Reading Skills, Language Skills, Mathematics, and Essay Skills.



The COMPASS test is a computer-based college placement assessment exam which is aimed to see that a student is eligible to continue with a particular program.

CPAt Test

Career Programs Assessment Test or CPAt- this test is for those who are planning to join some business or trades school. This is a test that measures your abilities in three areas-language, reading, and numerical skills.


This is usually taken to help the eligible students prepare for the SAT test. If a student clears these tests he can certainly qualify for a million dollar scholarship from the National Merit Scholarship competition.

SAT Test

This test is taken seven times a year and a large number of colleges rely over this to evaluate the eligibility of a particular student to move forward with the higher studies in the college. If you are able to pass through the SAT test you will definitely get admission in top colleges in America.