TExES Health EC-12 Exam Study Guide

TExES is the premium wing of SBEC (State Board for Educator Certification) which gives credentials to the teachers passing TExES Health EC-12 Exam. Candidate should keep in mind the peaks and curves of the syllabus which covers wide range of medical topics to be taught to secondary classes. Hence the candidate should make it sure that not only his fundamentals but also the in depth knowledge is highly polished and clear. No anomaly should be left in the candidates mind regarding the format and syllabus of the exam. Since a topic left to study is the score failed to attain.

Eligibility for TExES Health EC-12 Exam

To get the certification from SBEC board, candidate should clear TExES Health EC-12 Exam. To appear for TExES Health EC-12 Exam, candidate should hold a certificate degree and a teaching certification verified duly by SBEC. Without the above two requirements, application of the candidate will be declared null and void. Rest if the candidate attains the passing marks, then he becomes liable for the certification.

Format of TExES Health EC-12 Exam

To teach as a health teacher in the state schools, candidate has to possess certification from the board. Topics covered in TExES Health EC-12 Exam are intra personal health, community health and sanitation, interpersonal health and relationships, resources used in health related skills and school education program in health and sanitation. The question paper includes multiple choice objective questions. There are all in total 90 questions, out of which 80 are scored. Maximum marks can be attained if the candidate attempts maximum questions as there is no negative marking for incorrect answer. The entire score of the candidate is converted on the scale of 300, out of which 240 is the minimum passing marks required for certification.

Scope of TExES Health EC-12 Exam

TExES Health EC-12 Exam covers topics of mainly self and community health domain. Hence candidate should prepare for the same accordingly. Being a health teacher, candidate should keep in mind the importance of accuracy and clarity of concepts. Moreover encouraging healthy skills and resource usage in the students will be the main task of the teacher which should be done without failure.

Study Guide And Test Preparation For TExES Health EC-12 Exam

TExES Health EC-12 Exam Study Guide

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TExES Health EC-12 Exam Study Guide