Physical Therapy - Study Guide and Test Preparation

Physical therapist is the one who is involved with the diagnosis and treatment of the individuals of all ages including the newborns and the oldest citizens of our society, who have medical problems or other health related issues. Physical therapists prepare the plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain and prevent disability.

Licensing authority has established its own criteria for eligibility to sit for the PT (Physical Therapist) and PTA (Physical Therapist assistants) examinations. One should review the details distributed by the licensing authority, to which you intend to apply for licensure or certification and to determine your eligibility for the exam. The PT and PTA examinations were developed to measure knowledge and abilities required of entry-level physical therapists and physical therapist assistants..

Another Physical Therapist exam Called NPTE is undertaken with a purpose to provide examination services to regulatory authority concerned with physical therapists and physical therapist assistants; and to protect the public interest by having only those persons who have the requisite knowledge of physical therapy be licensed to practice physical therapy.

NCETMB makes the judgement of a representative group of nationally certified therapeutic massage and bodywork professionals from across the country. There are multiple forms of NCETMB tests being administered in the field. While these different test forms were developed from the same set of content specifications within each testing program, the level of difficulty associated with an individual test form may vary slightly because different questions appear on different test forms.