Wonderlic Personnel Test - Study Guide and Test Preparation

The Wonderlic Personnel Test claims to measure the candidates general cognitive ability or intelligence. This personnel test has been in use since 1937. The main motive of this personnel test is to access the level at which the individual learns, understand instructions and solves problems. It is often termed as the IQ test that attempts to screen the candidates for certain jobs within minimum possible times.

The area of Wonderlic Personnel test is rarely highlighted. It measures the candidates capability in understanding simple instructions. The test begins with the easy questions and later the tricky problems are revealed. The question format may include the word comparisons, sentence parallelism, jumbled sentences, number comparisons, following directions, number series, analysis of geometric figures and story problems involving either mathematical or logical solutions.

There is no negative marking in the Wonderlic personnel test the candidates appearing for this test are not allowed to use any computation tools either. The test paper in divided into three parts:

Verbal IQ

This may include questions like disarranged sentences, sentence parallelism, and certain questions of word comparison. Some questions may even demand critical reasoning.

Math IQ Test

This portion may include certain questions with decimals, fractions and other mathematical concepts. Other questions have a numerical series with certain pattern that may require searching the next option following the given pattern.

Spatial IQ Test

The spatial ability test portion focuses upon imagination, visualization and knowledge of basic geometrical concepts. The candidate may be asked to follow certain directions or may be asked to analyze geometrical shapes to find the desired answer.