If your zeal says you to serve humanity and you are having good hand in technical mainstream than you are surely made up to be a medical technician. A noble profession for noble cause can give you surplus amount of earning and living. A medical technician performs core duties in the laboratory unlike pathologist who are clinically involved in the medical lab. A medical technician should be sound not only at handling various equipments and machines but should be efficient enough to carry forward the techniques, arts and application of various types of therapies and exercises, the patient will be needing anytime, and to be that you have to go through your desired field test so that you can hold a licensed permission to do that.


There are certain options available for you in the field of medication, where you can show your love towards machines and equipments. Select any of them out of the list and go for it with full dedication because apart from having the knowledge of instruments you need to have objective approach and multi dimensional thinking about your goal and destination:-

BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENTS TECHNICIAN:These people look after the equipments dealing in the biomedical processes like artificial implantation of hand, legs etc.

CARDIOGRAPHIC TECHNICIAN: As the name suggest this technician is involved in heart related laboratory work. ECG, EEG are some of the test which needs cardiac activity to go on hence it is one of the most responsible and crucial job.

REGISTERED RESPIRATORY THERAPIST: In short it is often considered as RRT, a person who is responsible for breathing or respiratory related exercises and handling machines and equipments involved in it.

REGISTERED DIETICIAN CERTIFICATION: A dietician is a person who takes care of your food intake power and keeps charge of calories, cholesterol in your meal.

PHLEBOTOMY CERTIFICATION: It means a person who punctures your vein to get blood out of it for testing. A crucial job indeed as a slight lack in precision can leave the patient in the juggling condition.

Other options available for you are emergency medical technician who reports at the time of any emergency or casualty, radiology technician, who conducts various tests and examination concerning radio lights and waves (X-RAY, ULTRASOUND etc.), medical technologist, medical responder etc who work according to their job description.