FTCE Elementary Education K-6 Exam Study Guide

A student of elementary level requires a teacher who is all rounder and has knowledge of nearly about everything. An educator needs to be an extremely patient personality to deal with the students of elementary level. This personality is tested by Florida Department of Education board. This board conducts Florida Teacher Certification Examination to give certification to the candidate. Candidate has to pass FTCE Elementary Education Exam. After getting this certification candidate can practice in Florida State as an elementary educator. FLDOE offers two types of certification- professional and temporary certification. Professional certification is valid for the period of five academic years. Temporary certification is valid for three academic years.

Eligibility for FTCE Elementary Education Exam

To appear for FTCE Elementary Education Exam candidate needs to fulfill the eligibility conditions listed by the board. Candidate needs to have bachelor degree and specialization in the field when applying for professional certification. For temporary certification candidate needs to have 2.5 GPA in addition to bachelor degree. Candidate must submit finger prints reports to the board. This finger print report is the proof of no criminal track record against candidate. Candidate should keep in mind that professional certification is renewable but temporary certification is not.

Format of FTCE Elementary Education Exam

FTCE Elementary Education Exam covers wide range of syllabus and curriculum of the important headings. Candidate should study these topics well to score fair in FTCE Elementary Education Exam. Syllabus of FTCE Elementary Education Exam is:-

  • Reading process
  • Literal and Literature analysis
  • Writing process
  • Communication
  • Library as a medium
  • History
  • Geography
  • Civic and political science
  • Economics
  • Physical education and health
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Geology
  • Life sciences
  • Geometry
  • Algebra

Candidate should study these topics well and good. FTCE Elementary Education Exam is composed of 120 multiple choice questions of different format. It is advisable for the candidate to practice sample papers and questions before encountering the actual exam. The total duration for completion of exam is 150 minutes.

Study Guide And Test Preparation For FTCE Elementary Ed K-6 Exam

FTCE Elementary Ed K-6 Exam Study Guide

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FTCE Elementary Ed K-6 Exam Study Guide