Dental Assistant Certification Exam Preparation

The dental assistant program covers clinical and administrative course instructions and its application through hands-on training. It also provides assistance with certification exam reviews, and even job placement for those successful.

All dentists need a well-trained dental assistant to work with them in providing the best care for their patients. Their roles would include assisting the dentist in performing both simple and complex procedures with the least discomfort or pain, and the most efficiency. Their tasks may also extend to general clinic duties such as reception and preparation of patients.

Dental assistants are also highly trained to prepare instruments needed, and with the routine of various procedures. Responsibilities would include: preparing and assisting dentist with instruments/materials needed; rinsing and cleansing the mouth before, during, and after procedure; adjusting light above the patient; taking and developing dental x-ray photographs; and the maintenance of dental equipment.

Earning a dental assistant certificate may take up to two years of study. Dentists then teach and train them according to their needs and requirements.

Certification Exam Preparation

This program is designed to help eligible students prepare for the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) examination. Upon successful completion of the RDA exam, the licensed dental assistant may perform extended functions that include temporary restoration, periopacks, bases and liners, and orthodontic expanded functions.

Graduates of this program also receive a radiology certificate recognized by the Dental Board of California, a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card, and an HIPAA Certificate.