Certified Forester Certification Examination CF Test preparation Study Guide

The Certified Forester exam is offered by the society of American Foresters in order to assess whether the candidates have the required ability and qualifications to practice as a certified forester. The exam also assesses whether or not the candidate has the skills to apply his knowledge in the right direction.

Format of the Certified Forester Certification Examination CF

The certified Forester exam consists of 150 multiple choice question The format of the certified forester exam is prepared keeping in mind the fact that the questions must not be regional in nature.The questions in the exam are:
1. developed by working foresters,
2. prepared to satisfy the test specifications of a job analysis,
3. are referred from current Forestry resources and
4. are validated by experienced foresters.
The time allotted to complete the examination is 3 hours.

Study Guide and Preparation for the Certified Forester Certification Examination CF

CF - Certified Forester Exam Study Guide

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CF Study Guide

How to Prepare for Multiple Choice Questions

Tips and tricks that can help you prepare for multiple choice questions and increase your mark. Prepared by professionals these tricks help you excel in Certified Forester multiple choice exam.

 How to answer multiple choice

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