Certified Commissioning Professional Examination CCP Test Preparation Study Guide

The CCP examination is developed by the BCA- an independent body under the Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB). It was funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and is administered by the Schroeder Measurement Technologies, Inc. of Dunedin, Florida. The examination is designed to meet industry testing standards.

Format Of The Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) Examination:

The CCP exam is conducted in multiple-choice format. It consists of 125 questions covering the following content areas:
Commissioning Process (4%):
1. Participate in the development of the Design Intent Document
2. Develop a preliminary commissioning plan
3. Review program documents
Design (18%):
4. Review design development documents
5. Develop commissioning specifications 6. Review final construction documents
7. Pre-bid meeting
8. Develop contractor check-list
Construction (53%):
9. Review submittal
10. Create a master list of commissioned equipment and systems that were defined in the statement of work
11. Create final commissioning plan
12. Conduct initial on-site commissioning coordination meeting
13. Develop functional performance documents
14. Monitor contractor start-up and test
15. Conduct ongoing commissioning coordination meetings
16. Conduct installation verification
17. Review balancing report
18. Verify balancing report
19. Conduct functional performance tests
20. Re-testing and issue resolution
21. Review contractor record documents and operation and maintenance manuals
21. Review contractor record documents and operation and maintenance manuals
23. Develop maintenance, operation, and/or energy management manuals
24. Re-commissioning management manual
Occupancy and Operations (13%) :
25. Final report
26. Seasonal testing
27. Near warranty-end testing
28. Post-occupancy review
Additional Commissioning Related Content (12%) :
29. USGBC LEED Certification
30. BCA Essential Attributes
31. Construction document process (protocol, RFI, submission, shop drawings, etc.)
32. ASHRAE Guidelines

Study Guide And Preparation Tips For The Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) Examination:

CCP - Certified Commissioning Professional Exam Study Guide

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Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) Study Guide

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